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Ms. Ru specializes in tax planning and preparation as well as financial reporting and analysis. At Anderson & Associates, she provides a wide range of tax services, accounting and assurance services for both profit and not-for-profit corporation clients and individual clients.

Ms. Ru has extensive experience with tax assessment and auditing. She is knowledgeable of current tax laws, including income taxes, employment taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes. She handles payroll taxes for clients, which involve periodical withholding of tax deposits and the filing of quarterly or yearly reports. Ms. Ru also assists clients with managing their federal, state and local tax notices by preparing written correspondences and documentation requested by taxing authorities.

Ms. Ru works with both individual and corporation clients during tax examinations by the IRS and various state & local tax authorities. She helps clients resolve their tax assessment cases and assists with their appeals at the Tax Appeals Tribunal or the office of appeals. She employs effective tax planning strategies for clients, helping them to avoid penalties and to save more on taxes. She engages in research on various U.S. tax issues specific to the client’s personal and/or business interests.

Ms. Ru provides outsourced bookkeeping to consolidate and timely record sales revenue, costs, and expenses, as well as to maintain accounts receivable and accounts payable information. She reviews monthly sales and profit data, develops models, and delivers ad-hoc reports to support clients’ senior managers’ major decisions. Ms. Ru also analyzes business operations, trends, revenues, costs, and financial data and records to be sure they follow legal and financial standards. Additionally, she prepares consolidated financial reports for clients with subsidiaries and takes care of the overall accounting method adjustments to be consistent with tax returns.

For assurance services, Ms. Ru performs independent reviews and comprehensive auditing services, applying her knowledge of GAAP and GAAS. She is kept up-to-date on any changes with regard to professional standards, which allows her to make important suggestions to clients on possible adjustments.




M.S., Simon Business School, University of Rochester, Rochester, NY

B.S., Nanjing Audit University, China




Mandarin, English

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