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Listed below are examples of success stories we've had with clients.


VAWA Self-Petition

M is a VAWA self-petitioner who suffered abuse at the hands of her deceased husband. She supported herself by collecting bottles and cans as her husband refused to apply for a Green Card on her behalf. After his passing, we assisted her in gathering all necessary evidence and applying for both a Green Card and an EAD card. Nearly six months later, she finally received the Prima Facie Determination Notice. The supporting evidence had satisfied all eligibility requirements for the VAWA self-petition, allowing her to potentially access public benefits.


Marriage Green Card & Naturalization

Our client, Mr. M (who is from Taiwan), had his naturalization oath ceremony in early August. He started at one New York firm on an H-1B as a Law Clerk, and then progressed to Associate after he passed the bar. Later, he got married to a U.S. citizen. He retained our firm to assist him in filing application of his marriage Green Card, which was promptly approved. The two year conditional Green Card coincided with his eligibility to file for naturalization. We continued assisting him and filed the naturalization application. Both petitions were approved at about the same time, in a short period.


EB2 Green Card  |  Music Director

Mr. S was a long-time H-1B holder who worked as a Music Director in Missouri. He started the greencard process in 2021. The PWD was determined, and the PERM was certified without an audit. We were able to file the I-140 and the I-485 together because the priority date was current for his country of origin. They received their EAD first, which would have allowed them to travel. The Green Cards came right after, without an interview. Both he and his wife are now lawful permanent residents.

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