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H-1B Amendment

D. was selected in the H-1B lottery for the 2022 fiscal year. His initial H-1B was approved in time for him to start work in October 2021. In the spring of 2022, his employer, our Client, changed his work location, which necessitated an amendment to the original filing. We worked closely with the employer, a Missouri based online retail business that focuses on beauty, personal care, and health products, and D. to swiftly prepare the petition and get it filed with USCIS. This process took only 3 weeks from start to finish. Now, 8 months later, USCIS has rendered its decision and approved the amendment. D. is now in his amended work location.

H-4 Approval

S recently got her H-4 approved. Her husband got his H-1B in 2020, while S continued her studies on F-1 until mid 2022. This summer we helped put together her H-4 application.

H-1B and H-4 Approval

J.’s initial Cap Exempt H-1B was approved on January 4, 2023 in time for her to start work for 3 years. Her husband H-4 application was approved on January 11, 2023. We worked closely with the employer, a nonprofit education entity affiliated with a Christian University, and J. to swiftly prepare the petition and get it filed with USCIS. This process took 2 months from start to finish. With Premium Processing, it only took 7 days and 14 days for USCIS render its decision and approve her initial H1B petition and her husband’s H4 petition respectively.

Waiting for Priority Date

K recently was approved for his H4 visa, having successfully changed his status from F-1. He worked in both CPT and OPT status prior to applying for H4.

H-4 Approval

B recently got approval notice for his H-4 visa extension. He got his H-4 visa in 2021. His wife applied for Cap-Exempt Amendment Petition for extension of employment and change of location in August, which was approved in December, 2022. B now successfully extends his H-4 visa.

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