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Listed below are examples of success stories we've had with clients.


F-1 Reinstatement  

Ms. S lost her F-1 status and came to us for help reinstating. We worked diligently to gather her documents (I-20 for Reinstatement and others) and helped her prepare a personal statement and a detailed letter of support related to the reasons for the lapse and her eligibility for reinstatment. She was enrolled in a new school, and had the requisite documents to get approved. We filed in November 2021, and she was approved in July 2022.


F-1 Approval  |  Foreign Correspondant

G was a South Korean national working in the U.S. as a foreign correspondent. She wanted to switch to studying in the U.S. and needed help transferring to an F-1 visa. Her application was filed in January 2022. The student office changed her status to F-1 before the application was approved, and this new I-20 triggered a Request for Evidence. We worked with the applicant and the student office to issue a correct I-20 and submitted this along with other evidence to show that she had not prematurely changed her status. In February 2023, her application was approved.

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