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Listed below are examples of success stories we've had with clients.


O-1 visa Approval  |  Performer

Ms. S, a talented and renowned music composer and performing artist from Europe, is celebrated nationally and internationally for her exceptional contributions to the original music and performing arts industry. We meticulously analyzed and coached Ms. S to organize and gather evidence proving to USCIS that she met five of the ten criteria for the O1 Distinguished Artist Visa. These criteria include:

  • Receiving awards at the national or international level for her outstanding achievements in her profession.

  • Reports or articles in trade publications or other major media about Ms. S's achievements or contributions.

  • Evidence of significant original artistic contributions by Ms. S in the fields of music, film, and television production, and performing arts.

  • Ms. S's leadership and key roles in a distinguished organization.

  • Display of Ms. S's work in art exhibitions or showcases.

We outlined how Ms. S's unique talents and experience will undoubtedly enrich the diversity and depth of the American entertainment industry. Her ability to write and perform original music in five different languages across multiple genres, combined with her expertise as a dancer, composer, and performer, positions her as a rare talent in the U.S. entertainment industry.

Ms. S's frequent contributions to performances that promote cultural exchange, exemplified by her participation in bands and compositions, serve as evidence of the unique perspective she brings to further diversify the U.S. entertainment industry.


O-1 visa Approval  |  Artist and Associate Professor

G was an accomplished artist in his native China, with many awards and distinguished showings in galleries and other spaces. A prominent US university sponsored his O visa to serve as both a professor and an artist in residence. His petition was very extensive and included copies of his portfolio and a letter of recommendation from an artist's foundation.

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