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Listed below are examples of success stories we've had with clients.



E, a permanent resident for 5 years, sought our assistance in applying for naturalization. A day prior to her scheduled interview, USCIS informed her not to appear due to an issue with her physical file not reaching the Field Office. After confirming this information, E refrained from attending. USCIS then issued a Notice of Failure to Appear. We aided E in responding to the Notice and contacted USCIS multiple times until she was reinstated for an interview. After waiting over a year, E finally secured an interview, which we attended with her. That very afternoon, USCIS notified us of her upcoming oath ceremony.


Marriage Green Card & Naturalization

Our client, Mr. M (who is from Taiwan), had his naturalization oath ceremony in early August. He started at one New York firm on an H-1B as a Law Clerk, and then progressed to Associate after he passed the bar. Later, he got married to a U.S. citizen. He retained our firm to assist him in filing application of his marriage Green Card, which was promptly approved. The two year conditional Green Card coincided with his eligibility to file for naturalization. We continued assisting him and filed the naturalization application. Both petitions were approved at about the same time, in a short period.

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