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Job Title: Law Clerk (2 Positions Available)

Job Description:

The position requires, at minimum, a bachelor’s degree in laws or equivalent or LL. M degree.

  • Assist attorneys by researching law, analyzing legal issues and by developing legal strategies in both International and U.S. law regarding civil litigation, business and corporation, compliance, administrative proceedings, labor and employment, taxation, commercial real estate and immigration matters (approx. 30% of the time);

    • Conduct research on Pre-Pack Administration in the United Kingdom and reviewing the related business and asset sale agreement.

    • Conduct research and help attorneys in forming business entities and NGO’s and applying for tax exemption status for eligible clients.

    • Conduct research on volunteer policy of the not-for-profit organization, especially on non-immigration visa-holder-volunteers.

  • Assist in the preparation of legal documents, including pleadings, briefs, legal memoranda, appeals, contracts, real estate closing statements, and attorney letters (approx. 25% of the time);

    • Draft complaints, answers, motions and other litigation documents.

    • Draft demand for arbitration documents.

    • Draft student loan agreement for the University.

    • Draft demand letter and cease and desist letter.

  • Conduct legal research on foreign laws, regulations, and policies, including the trade regulation between United State and China, including helping Chinese Clients to apply for the exclusion of products of the United State Trade Representative’s Section 301 investigation. (approx. 10% of the time)

  • Assess and analyze the legal issues in alternative dispute resolution matters such as mediation and arbitration; Draft demand for arbitration documents (approx. 10% of the time);

  • Assess and analyze the Request for Evidence, determine the requirements and draft RFE responses; Independently monitor key expiration dates on active cases and initiate renewals in a timely manner (approx. 10% of the time);

  • Strategize Non-Immigrant and Immigrant Visa options for corporate clients, religious organizations, educational institutions and individual clients (approx. 10% of the time);

  • Analyze and draft Nonimmigrant Visa petitions (B-1, F-1, J-1, H-1B, L-1, E, R and O) and Immigrant Visa Petitions (EB-1/2/3, including Outstanding Researcher/Professor, Extraordinary Ability); Draft PERM applications, adjustment of status, naturalization, consular processing matters (approx. 5% of the time)

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