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Yen-Yi Anderson Volunteered with the AALDEF to Secure Asian American Voting Rights

By Robyn Gao, on November 30, 2022

Yen-Yi Anderson volunteered with the AALDEF to secure Asian American voting rights during the recent Midterm election

Yen-Yi Anderson, managing principal of Anderson & Associates Law P.C., recently volunteered with the “AALDEF” (Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund) to support the Asian American Exit Poll Project and Poll Monitoring Project during the midterm election. AALDEF is a nationally recognized non-profit organization focusing on Asian American voting issues and has testified before Congress on issues including bilingual ballots, barriers to voting, and redistricting.

AALDEF volunteers across the country surveyed Asian American voters and monitored poll sites in 15 states. Over 600 volunteers went out to serve the Asian American community on Election Day and helped facilitate Asian American voters to make their voices heard. Many of the volunteers also monitored the poll sites to ensure that no discrimination policies or improper barriers would exist to prevent Asian Americans from casting their important votes.

With years’ of efforts and campaigning, this year’s Asian American voter turnout turned out in large numbers. Yen-Yi Anderson was excited to be included in this meaningful program where Asian American voters can be protected and encouraged. As one of the fastest growing racial groups in the U.S., Asian American voters are making progress in realizing their political potential. Click here to view the preliminary Asian American Exit Poll results for 2022 midterm election.


Yen-Yi Anderson, Managing Partner of Anderson & Associates, founded the law firm in January 2014. Yen-Yi Anderson focuses her practice on excellence in business immigration, commercial law, and civil litigation.

Robyn Gao, Associate attorney at Anderson & Associates. Robyn focuses her practice on business immigration and general corporate manners.


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