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Listed below are examples of success stories we've had with clients.



S started on an H-1B in October 2022. Shortly after, his employer, an online retailer, initiated his Green Card process. His PWD was determined after about 9 months, and his PERM was certified nearly 11 months after filing. We prepared his I-140, and the employer opted for premium processing. Just 2 weeks after submission, USCIS approved the I-140.


I-140 RFE  |  Software Developer

Z submitted an I-140 petition through the EB-2 process, which received an RFE due to employer's financial condition. We consulted with the client, provided advice to address USCIS's questions, and submitted a well-explained RFE response to answer the USCIS officer's concerns. We were able to explain the employer's company structure and their financial conditions. The case was approved swifly, and the client can now proceed with his Green Card process.

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