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Our team of lawyers strive to provide the best legal services to solve your civil litigation cases.

Anderson & Associates Law, P.C., possesses extensive expertise across a wide spectrum of legal issues. Our top lawyers are skilled in all facets of administrative and civil litigation, whether in state and federal courts, arbitration, or alternative dispute resolution settings. Our goal is simple: to grasp our client’s issues and objectives, and devise a strategy to achieve optimal outcomes efficiently and affordably.

Anderson & Associates Law, P.C. is a leading civil attorney in New York, well-versed in administrative and civil litigation in both state and federal courts. With a deep understanding of the civil court system, our legal team works tirelessly to safeguard our clients' interests, ensuring not only the defense of their rights but also the preservation of their integrity.

Furthermore, you can rely on our civil litigation support team to stay abreast of any changes in civil litigation law. Throughout your case, our firm will collaborate closely with you, diligently addressing your needs and circumstances to provide tailored representation.


Yen-Yi Anderson

Yen-Yi Anderson

Managing Principal

Areas of civil litigation law we specialize in include:


Legal Representation Throughout the Entire Civil Litigation Process

(Note: Steps may vary case by case.)

  1. Consult with Representatives:

    • Our attorney will help you determine if you need to file your case with a federal or state judge.

  2. File Complaint/Pleading/Response:

    • After detailed consultation with our professional civil attorney, we will assist the plaintiff in filing the complaint with the court and serve the defendant a copy of the complaint. 

  3. Discovery:

    • After completing the pleading process by both parties, our legal team will begin gathering information to strengthen their case.

  4. Trial:

    • Our civil lawyer will present their evidence and call witnesses to the stand if necessary.

  5. Verdict:

    • Either party can decide to challenge the given verdict and request a new trial.

  6. Appeal:

    • If our client disagrees with the verdict made during the trial, we can appeal on their behalf and present their case to an appellate court.

We offer comprehensive legal representation from the beginning to the conclusion of your case. Recognizing the uniqueness of each case, we provide tailored and zealous counsel with the utmost professionalism and efficiency.

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