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Top Intellectual Property Law Firm in New York City

Our New York IP Lawyers strive to provide the best legal services to help clients navigate their Intellectual Property rights.

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Yen-Yi Anderson

Yen-Yi Anderson

Managing Principal

In today’s global economy, businesses must pay extremely close attention to protecting their intellectual property. Because IP lies at the heart of every product or service brought to market, it constitutes a corporation’s most valuable asset. A strong IP portfolio creates competitive advantage, captures market share, underwrites research and development, and promotes growth. Intellectual property is not pixels and megabits—it is human ingenuity made manifest. Anderson & Associates Law, P.C., helps clients maximize the value of that ingenuity.

If you are looking to hire our experienced IP attorneys in NYC, we can offer detailed strategies to deal with clearing, securing, and enforcing intellectual property rights, whether it's patent,  copyright, trademark or other intellectual property matters. 

Anderson & Associates Law, P.C. is one of the leading IP Law Firms in New York City with highly-experienced IP attorneys who can help you secure your IP rights. Our attorneys equipped with the best credentials and extensive experience will  take a full-spectrum approach to help our clients navigate the complicated system of IP Law.

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